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Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization) launched “Guidelines for Management of Vaccination Centers”.

The Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization) has developed "Guidelines for Management of Vaccination Centers" to support effective, efficient, and safe vaccination services.

In this guideline, the Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization) has given the importance issue for the quality and safety of services in vaccination centers which is an important operating unit of hospitals in crisis from Covid-19. This guideline gathers knowledge and good practice from many vaccination centers and compiles into a practical manual to support effective, efficient, and safe vaccination services. The key points include the design of the vaccination center, the topic of registration system, communication with target groups, site layout design, workstation, working standards, logistics, and required resources. Important vaccination support system Improving productivity and Evaluation & Learning. On this occasion, Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization) would like to thank the Bang Sue Central Vaccination Center, Vajira Hospital Vaccination Center- Navamindradhiraj University, The Mall department store, Central Department store, Suranaree University of Technology, Hospital Accreditation Collaborating Center ( HACC)-Nakhon Chai Burin, and the vaccination center at Bang Yai Hospital, Nonthaburi Province that has been generous to the place and personnel to exchange knowledges.



Download: Guidelines for Management of Vaccination Centers

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