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Initial or New Surveyor Training Program

It is a program to recruit, select and develop interested persons to be the institution's surveyors. with different procedures in a period of 2 years

                1. Standard course work (External surveyor preparation camp: HA 451 or potential trains selection program) The procedure for learning standards from the course or from practice. as a recruitment process Select interested persons to be surveyor through standardized learning. link the standard to the hospital context and practice the basic skills of being a surveyor Work with the visiting teachers to assess the attitudes, behaviors and competencies that are important to being a surveyor. Those who will participate in this process must have knowledge and understanding of the standards through the assessment criteria or through the standard training course of the hospital. Students must join the camp for 5 days and 4 nights, with an assessment for selection. 360 degree form from yourself, friends and teachers, including at least 80% of the time to participate in the activity to enter the next step or in the case of someone who has knowledge An understanding of standards based on work experience, either as a manager or as an operator nominated by a senior surveyor. Quality Process Advisory Subcommittee institute board or administrators of the institute It is assessed by institutional methods and approved by the Surveyor Selection and Registration Committee. can join the next step

            2. Field work (STA program: See-Try-Act Program) is a process of training the skills of being a real site surveyor with 3 sub-steps: See-Try-Act. 1 time and at this stage, the visiting trainer will be assessed for selection. Participate in the next step. After that, each Try and Act will be passed no more than 2 times within 1 year. If at least 2 surveyors trainers pass the criteria and competency will be nominated to the faculty. Committee for selecting and registering surveyors to consider

            3. Hospital survey with trainer This step, if the surveyor trainer is selected by the Surveyor Selection Committee to register a new surveyor. Every new surveyor must visit with the visiting trainer at all times. And must visit at least 10 days a year to practice skills and make work according to the Competency level

            4. Workshop for share and learn experience with trainers, and experience surveyors through the process of exchanging knowledge and reflecting on the results of joint actions It is a mechanism to standardize  surveyors to create value for similarly targeted healthcare facilities by learning a variety of approaches from different experiences.

            5. Learning hospital accreditation standards and practice coaching skill in the HAI standards training program to provide new surveyors with a deep understanding of the standards. including practicing coaching skills from group assistant speakers in coaching attendees

Training and development of visiting trainers (Apprenticeship Program)

Selected and recruited candidates will be invited to the Surveyor in Training program through the following steps:

      • Orientation Program to create an understanding of directions. Philosophy of the Institute's Quality Process Accreditation Raising awareness of the ethics of being a surveyor Understand the process of conducting survey training Evaluation of visiting training and complaints process Appeal of the Visiting Training Process Review your knowledge of HA standards and develop self-assessment report analysis skills. To analyze the health organization context linked to the standard content.

          Orientation Stage: Individuals who meet the above criteria will be invited to attend an orientation for the following workshop objectives:

               1) to review the knowledge and understanding of the institution's philosophy

               2) To communicate for a better understanding of the ethics of the surveyors.

               3) review the knowledge and understanding of the key points of the HA standard; and

               4) To enhance the ability of potential trainees to analyze the health organization context linked to the standard content. During the induction program, these trainers are assessed by a trainer on baseline competence after competency assessment to select trainees for the Surveyor Training (STA) program.

        • Exploration training The institute provides a skill development program for visiting trainees under the name “STA Program.” STA Program refers to a 3-step site visit training program: See (observing the visit of the trainer or the Senior surveyor) Try (Vision Training under the supervision of a Trainer or Senior Surveyor) Act (Vision Training that acts as a surveyor at every step of the way with an experienced Trainer and Surveyor. mentor) Throughout the training visit, the hospital will arrange an experienced surveyor to be a mentor. Consulting and assisting in interpretation of standards problem solving and after every training visit The visiting trainer and the visiting trainer assessed the results of the visit training in accordance with the form prescribed by the institute and jointly review the lessons and plan for continuous self-improvement. The steps are as follows

               2.1 Step 1 The Visiting Observation Stage (See) The visiting trainer is assigned to observe the visiting team in order to experience the real atmosphere of the visit. Learn the survey procedures and techniques.

See Step: At this stage, trainees understand the learning process. How to apply standards and skills to