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          The HAI prepares the e-learning course as channel for disseminating quality improvement on HA standards for self-study and learning for 1 month on the registration fee of 1,399 baht /per 1 course / per 1 account. The participants could receive a certification form this course.

Apply now 1,399 baht /per 1 course / per 1 account

EL002 : Fundamentals for Quality Improvement

EL003 : Essential standards for safety

EL004 : Hospital Profile

EL005 : Medical Record Review

EL006 : Standard HA Part I-3 Patients/Customer

EL007 : Standard HA Part I-5 Workforce Environment

EL008 : Standard HA Part I-2 Strategy Development

EL009 : Standard HA Part I-4 Measurement, Analysis and Improvement of Organizational Performance

EL010 : Standard HA Part I-6 Work Processes

EL011 : Standard HA Part I-1 Leadership

EL012 : Fire Safety 

EL013 : Learning service profile for quality improvement to achieve a strong hospital unit. 

EL014 : Nursing process and nursing records 

EL015 : Nursing organization on quality improvement 

EL016 : Hospital wastewater 

EL017 : Quality information systems in hospitals 

EL018 : Medication Error (ME) & Adverse Drug Event (ADE)

EL019 : Medication ReconciliationEL020 : Track 1 Enhancing TRUST in Healthcare 

EL021 : Track 2 HA tools and quality in diversity update 

EL022 : Track 3 Embracing spirituality across healthcare system & Nursing care 

EL023 : Track 4 Building TRUST in Healthcare by 3P Safety

Apply here : register.ha.or.th