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     Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organisation) or HAI is a public organisation responsible for quality improvement and accreditation of healthcare organisations in Thailand. The status as a government agency enhances the credibility of the Institute and lets HAI getting some budget support from the government.

        The HAI Board meeting is regularly holds held every month. to monitor and oversee the organisation operation to ensure that Institute purposes and objectives are met through policy formulation, approval of the strategic plan, annual work plan, budget and financial plan, guidance, and recommendations to tackle administrative issues and set directions as well as to enact or issue regulations, rules, orders and make an announcement which is guided by the related government’s policies, Acts, regulations and rules.

        The current HAI Director or CEO who started his tenure in November 2021 is responsible to lead the team to implement the HAI Board’s decisions and recommendations as well as HAI strategic plan and related plans in normal situation as well as during the crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure continuity and smooth operation of the organisation’s work to achieve the organisation indicators, targets, and Institute objectives. 

        HAI, a legal entity, was established by The Royal Decree on the Establishment of the Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organisation) BE 2552 (2009) and 2 edition BE 2562 (2019). The Royal Decree defines HAI’s objectives, power and authority, asset and income, administration and management, staff and monitoring mechanism. The Royal Decree enables HAI to be legally responsible for all its accreditation activities and for other juristic actions with other parties.

     The objectives of the Institute are as follows:

    The Institute shall have the following power and duties: