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Being a visitor to survey the hospital is considered a valuable mission to the nation. Therefore, the visitor can proudly show that he has been a surveyor of the hospital for the public to know. Including references in your resume and work experience is also possible. but not contrary to the ethics of the surveyor

Quality Assurance Institute (Public Organization) has a policy that uses the principle of “Empowerment evaluation” to make external assessment a learning, encouraging and mirroring process and to stimulate the development of health care facilities. adhere to the philosophy “Visiting is a collaborative learning process.” Considered as an important person in the quality assurance process 1. Gain knowledge and experience gained from acting as a surveyor. can be used to improve and develop potential Under the visitor development system of the hospital. Both hard skill and soft skill skills and can be used to develop your own organization. 2. Visitors can help drive continuous quality improvement. within your organization in an appropriate way 3. Gain the opportunity and trust to perform the invaluable duty of raising the national health care standard. It is an honor of working life. 4. Get an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with experts in various fields both at home and abroad

Institute of Quality Assurance (Public Organization) : OPERATORS conducts assessment and quality assurance of hospitals in a friendly manner according to HA standards. The surveyor is a representative of the institution (Brand ambassador) who promotes and disseminates the valuable principles of institute to have a good image And more importantly, it has to do more than assess. Survey visitors should have experience in quality development and management. Along with knowledge and understanding of HA standards, study from the topic Visitor Qualifications The hospital has channels for recruiting qualified candidates for the selection process as a visitor of the hospital from 2 channels as follows: 1. Standard Course Work Those interested must attend the training course HA 451 External Surveyor Preparation Camp held once a year, the training period is 5 days. You can study the information from the website of the hospital. 2. Potential Trainees Selection The hospital will be nominated by the team leader of the survey team. Visitor Trainer Institutional Subcommittee institute board or administrators of the institute which will be assessed by means of the Institute

Code of Conduct for HAI Surveyors is a standard or practice that all visitors to observe as a code of conduct during their duties as a HAI Surveyor under the Institute's announcement. Hospital quality certification (Public Organization) on the Good Practice Guidelines for the 2021 Visitors can be summarized in 3 topics as follows: 1. Confidentiality - The visitor shall maintain the confidentiality of the medical facility acquired during the visit. - Visitors are not allowed to take pictures, record audio or video while on duty. - Visitors should not ask for documents or samples of a medical facility to use. - Visitors must destroy or return all documents pertaining to the hospital they visited. when the result of the accreditation of that hospital has been announced 2. Prevention of conflicts of interest - The visitor should not use the visitor status for personal gain. - Visitors should not accept gifts, gifts, entertainment. or any other benefits which will be blamed on affecting quality assurance decision - The survey visitor must not visit a medical facility or a network of a medical facility in which he or she has consulted or practiced a profession. within a period of 2 years - The visitor must not demand any convenience other than those coordinated by the institution with the medical facility. - visitor survey report conflicts of interest or conflict of interests to the institution before the visit 3. Other ethics - Visitors should respect the rights and dignity of those involved, such as patients, relatives, hospital staff. and visitors to explore together - The visitor should not mislead that the hospital will be accredited without the official announcement from the hospital.

According to the announcement of the Institute for Quality Assurance of Hospitals (Public Organization) Subject: Good Practice Guidelines for Visitors, 2021, Article 12, “Visitors who visited the survey to monitor any medical facility They can still visit the facility to renew the certification in the next time. without regard to conflict of interest” from which the questionnaire can be taken by the surveyor.

According to the announcement of the Institute for Quality Assurance of Hospitals (Public Organization) Subject Good Practice Guidelines for Visitors, 2021 Item 9 “Visitors can participate as speakers according to general courses organized by the institution or visit hospital surveys. to provide advice or consultation This is not to be considered a conflict of interest with the next visit to a healthcare facility.” And in Article 5, “Visitors must not visit surveys to assess, certify, or certify a medical facility or chain of health facilities in which they have a relationship or interest. related to or being a competitor in business” Therefore, in such cases, the visitor surveyed If considering this announcement A visitor can visit that medical facility. However, neutrality as a surveyor and potential conflicts of interest must be taken into account.